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  • With soft skin touch “organic cotton containing surface sheets”, no need to worry about delicate babies’ skin.
  • “Additive-free(*) & mildly acidic” sheets gently wrap around babies’ skin.
  • High waist diapers made with soft and stretchable material that completely cover buttocks make your worries about slipping and leakage disappear
  • “Secure Long Side Guard” perfectly fits the inner thigh and leaves no gaps for leakage around active legs.

The first in Japan!*Surface sheet conaining organic cotton

Additive-free & mildly acidic sheets make diapers gentle and hypoallergenic.

Compared to our previous product,

fluffiness increased by as much as 20%.

Organic cotton is contained in the surface sheets of the diapers, which makes babies comfortable as if in mom's hands! It has a soft touch to the skin, so no need to worry about delicate babies’ skin.

*On surface sheets of major disposable baby diapers in Japan. Unicharm research in March 2016.

Of course, 
the breathability that moms worry about is great too

Natural moony has great breathability, so babies’ buttocks are dry and comfortable♪

*Experiment video that shows steam passing through a sheet (back sheet) of Natural moony.

New technology! High Waist Coverage

No risk of leaking even for active babies!

It gently wraps a poochy belly unique to babies and does not slip off, so there are no worries about leakage even when babies move around.

*Only L and XL sizes have this feature

Secure Long Side Guard


The design/color of actual products may differ from those shown.

*Only L and XL sizes have this feature

Perfectly fits the inner thigh and leaves no gaps for leakage around active legs.

Soft and stretchable material

Highly stretchable material made with our own technology. The fluffy material is always gentle to babies’ skin.

*Only L and XL sizes have this feature

Diaper features

Of course, it is full of all features that are needed for diaper.

Entirely soft touch is fluffy on the skin.

Achieved improved softness of the parts that are on the outside of the diapers that touch skin.

Absorbs urine thoroughly

Absorb urine for up to 12 hours*.

*The amount of urine differs from baby to baby. This is a rough indication of the amount of urine the diaper can absorb, not an indication of the length of time diaper can be used.

Prevent dampness and stays dry

Even the babies with high body temperature and tends to be sweating a lot, this diaper can keep their bottom dry because of its fully breathble sheet.

There is indicator so we can know timing of diaper change

The indicator line will change into bluish green color, so you can know when to change diaper.

Classic Pooh design

Diapers are designed with “Classic Pooh” A total of six designs


Brand Moony

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