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Moony (Tape Type)Newborn (Birth to 3000g)


Perfect for babies up to 3000g!

  • New “Self-fitting gathers” prevent leaks without the need for adjustment!
  • The super 3D shape fits to your baby's bone structure with a new and rounded fit
  • Stretchy fit gathers fit to your baby's back to guard against leaks
  • Absorbs twice as much instantly with the instant absorption sheets for leak-free diapers
  • Designed to perfectly fit babies up to 3000g!

    Perfect fit guards against leaks by preventing gaps!

    Population by birth weight

    *"Vital Statistics"(2012), Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

    Approximately one in two babies are born weighing less than 3000g.

    Some 48.3% of babies are born below 3,000g.

    In addition, babies lose weight soon after birth. Because of this, even if born at 3,000g, for several days he/she will be under 3,000g.

    Such a big difference in diaper size, with weight difference.

    For example, if we put a "newborn baby–5,000g" diaper on a baby born at 2,700g…

    Newborn–up to 5,000g

    Loose, baggy diapers slide off,

    making leaks a worry.

    Newborn–up to 3,000g

    if we put a "Newborn (Birth to 3000g)" diaper on...
    Look! It fits perfectly!

    New improvement!
    In a fitted design that fits many types of positions

    The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don't need to adjust it to prevent leaks.

    How to put on a diaper that does not need reworking

    In a fitted design that fits all shapes and sizes

    The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don't need to adjust it to prevent leaks.

    If you worry about leakage from the back…

    Put the back side slightly higher, and tape it making the inner side lower♪

    Rounded fit that is not overly tight

    A baby's body is shaped like a C!

    It is natural that babies’ body shape is round

    When a baby is first born, its body (back bone) is naturally curved like when it was in mother's womb. However it will gradually become straight during their development, especially when baby starts to walk.

    It can wrap baby's body and fit perfectly to body's curve.

    Tightening on the waist of toddler baby has been lessen! Gently wrap!

SKU MoonyPreemieNB30
Brand Moony
Shipping Weight 0.3760kg
Shipping Width 0.105m
Shipping Height 0.290m
Shipping Length 0.145m
Shipping Cubic 0.004415250m3