Unicharm Corp.'s new product, "Natural Moony," Japan's first disposable diaper for babies with a surface sheet containing organic cotton, has recorded growing sales since it was put on sale across the country on October 25.

Natural Moony has increased the softness of its surface sheet that touches the skin by 20% by mixing organic cotton. Also, by switching the hydrophilic agent used for the sheet to purely plant-derived one, the sheet has been made additive-free, mildly acidic to make sure that babies wearing the diaper can feel secured.

By using "Yuru-unchi Kyushu Zone" (soft stool-absorbing zone), a newly developed technology of using an uneven structure to absorb soft stool, Natural Moony has reduced the amount of soft stool remaining on babies' buttocks -- a phenomenon unique to babies less than 4 months old -- by 36%. This has eliminated one of the elements that has caused diaper rash to babies' skin. Unicharm is determined to propose these new values to the diaper market by releasing Natural Moony.

The Dermatologist Arat Tomori emphasized that Natural Moony is friendly to babies. "I think babies are glad (to use diapers containing organic cotton). Babies' skin is very sensitive because the thickness of their skin is about half that of adults. And their backside tends to develop a rash by the friction from being wiped repeatedly every day. By using soft organic cotton for part of the diaper that touches babies' buttocks is great," she says.

The concept of Natural Moony is that to allow babies to feel as if they were gently enveloped by their mum's hands at all times. Natural Moony is for the mums who want to select the nappies using natural, safe and high quality materials, just like when they are selection food and cosmetics. 

If you believe "selecting nappies is selecting materials", then Natural Moony is your choice.

When started using the Supported Standing Starts Diapers
  Diapers that can be worn like pants: Moony Man  

Air Fit
Soft and perfectly snug with no need to worry about leakage

Your baby will be able to stretch about and feel comfortable! Flexible soft stretch


Around the waist and legs Soft and perfectly snug gathers


Newly adopted Gentle on the skin! Air silky materialNewly adopted
Gentle on the skin!
Air silky material

Air silky material, with fibers as fine as silk, is used in the inner sheet that comes into direct contact with the baby's skin.
The diapers are now even more gentle on the skin.


Plus! Helps keep loose stool from spreading in the diaper! Plus!
Helps keep loose stool from spreading in the diaper! 

The original* undulating structure helps keep loose stool from spreading and prevents leaks.
*As compared to major disposable diaper brands in Japan.
May 2015 According to research by Unicharm


Absorption amount equivalent to 12 hours! * Super-slim absorberSuper-slim absorber
*There are individual differences in the amount of urine depending on the baby.


Stays dry with leak prevention
Full ventilation sheet


Easy to know when to replace
Notice sign

The line changes blue-green after urination.


Clean-up is simple
with the roll-up tape


This product fulfills the proprietary environmental standards set by Unicharm.


There are a total of five designs
Winnie the Pooh design




Moony's lineup


Diaper changing tips

When putting on

When standing

  • If standing, make sure that the baby is holding onto something, place one foot in at a time, and then pull up.

Other times

  • (1)Put your hand in through each leg opening
  • (2)Ease the leg in up to the knee, one leg at a time
  • (3)Pull up
    Check the gathers along the legs

Making sure that all the gathers are outside of the leg opening will better ensure that there are no leaks!

When taking off

  • (1)Rip the sides of the diaper.
  • (2)Open the diaper and remove it. Roll up the soiled areas inside and close up with the tape on the bottom.

Easy to remove without getting your hands dirty.

Brand Natural Moony
Nappies or Pants Pants
Type Pants/Pull Ups
Gender BOY
Gender GIRL
Size M(6-11kg)
Brand Moony
Shipping Weight 1.2500kg
Shipping Width 0.280m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.360m

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