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Moony (Tape Type)S size


New “Self-fitting gathers” prevent leaks without the need for adjustment!
New “Self-fitting gathers”

  • Super three dimensional shape wraps around the bodies of babies in accordance with their bone structure.
  • Protects from back leakage thanks to the "stretchable fit gather" fitting on the backs of the babies.
  • "Flexible stretch gather" softly fits to the baby according to the shape of their thighs.
  • Doubled instant-absorptive capacity sheets make it so you are worry free about leaks!
  • New improvement!
    In a fitted design that fits many types of positions

    The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don't need to adjust it to prevent leaks.

    How to put on a diaper that does not need reworking

    In a fitted design that fits all shapes and sizes

    The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don't need to adjust it to prevent leaks.

    If you worry about leakage from the back…

    Put the back side slightly higher, and tape it making the inner side lower♪

    Rounded fit that is not overly tight

    A baby's body is shaped like a C!

    It is natural that babies’ body shape is round

    When a baby is first born, its body (back bone) is naturally curved like when it was in mother's womb. However it will gradually become straight during their development, especially when baby starts to walk.

    It can wrap baby's body and fit perfectly to body's curve.

    Tightening on the waist of toddler baby has been lessen! Gently wrap!

    The secret of moony Air Fit

    Soft and perfectly snug

    From which part leakage occurs the most?

    80% of diaper leakage is caused by gaps!

    Two main areas of leakage gaps among few-months-old babies are back and thighs!

    *Unicharm research on tape-type disposable diapers


    The point to prevent leakage from gaps is two types of gather!

    With two types of gather, “Stretch fit gather” and “Flexibly stretchable gather”,diapers are soft but fitting to guard against leakage!

    Stretch fit gather

    For the most common leakage from the back! Because the whole back part of moony Air Fit flexibly stretches, it fits into gaps of babies' back and fully guards against leakage♪

    Stretchable leakguard covers around the back

    The point is that the whole back part is fully stretchable☆

    Flexibly stretchable gather

    Elastic materials help fit around the legs! So baby feels comfortable even when moving legs or walking.

    The non-woven itself stretches and reduces tightness.




    Of course, it is full of all features that are needed for diaper.

    Absorbs urine effectively

    Absorb urine for up to 12 hours*.

    *The amount of urine differs from baby to baby. This is a rough indication of the amount of urine the diaper can absorb, not an indication of the length of time diaper can be used.


    Prevent dampness and stay dry

    Even the babies with high body temperature and tends to be sweating a lot, this diaper can keep their bottom dry because of its fully breathble sheet.


    There is indicator so we can know timing of diaper change

    The indicator line will change into bluish green color, so you can know when to change diaper.


    Gentle to the skin

    Soft tape

    Materials that are friendly for the baby’s skin & Stepless design for no stuck fingers



SKU MoonyNS102
Brand Moony
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.168m
Shipping Height 0.375m
Shipping Length 0.301m
Shipping Cubic 0.018963000m3