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Moonyman (Pants Type)

L size


New Technology! Full-coverage high waisted diapers that are soft and stretchy

  • Zero worries about sliding or moving that cause leakage thanks to full-coverage high waisted diapers made of soft and stretchy material.
  • Because the “secure long guard” fits snugly on the inner thigh, there are no leakage gaps created around little legs that move a lot.
  • Because of the “absorbing zone covering baby’s bum” that encircles the body according to the movement of the baby, there is no worry of leakage even with a lot of urine!
  • Made with "flexible soft stretch" without using elastic.
  • New Technology! Full-coverage high waist design!

    Leak safe even for active babies!

    No worries about leakage even with babies who move around with lots of energy

    Flexible soft stretch materials

    Always soft on baby skin with the soft fabric made from our unique material

    * Image drawing:

    The color and design of the diapers are subject to change from actual products.

    Please use after fully raising the gathers.

    Worry-free all night

    Absorbs for up to 12 hours!

    ※The amount of urine differs from baby to baby. This is a rough indication of the amount of urine the diaper can absorb, not an indication of the length of time diaper can be used.

    Diaper features

    Full of features that match the growth of babies!

    Stays dry with leak prevention

    Even the babies with high body temperature and tends to be sweating a lot, this diaper can keep their bottom dry.

    Long Safety Guard

    They match exactly the baby's inner thighs so there is no gap for leaks even with active babies.

    There is indicator so we can know timing of diaper change

    The indicator line will change into bluish green color, so you can know when to change diaper.

    Clean-up is simple
    with the roll-up tape

    Roll up a diaper with the dirty surface inside, and use the tape in the back to fasten.

    Soft and perfectly snug fit on the back!

    stretchable fit gather


    For boys

    For girls

    * An example of designs

    How to change moonyman diapers

    Start by checking illustrations on how to put on moony!

    1. Confirm the front and back and put the baby in a supported standing position like when putting on normal pants. Spread open both sides of the diapers with both hands and pass through the baby's legs.

    2. Pull firmly up to around the navel so that there are no gaps around the thighs.

    3. Confirm that the gathers around the stomach and frills around the legs do not fold inside.


    Changing diapers when there are stools

    It is easy to remove without getting your hands dirty, just lay 

Brand Moony
Shipping Weight 1.8500kg
Shipping Width 0.158m
Shipping Height 0.415m
Shipping Length 0.312m
Shipping Cubic 0.020457840m3