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been using this product for 2 years, good absorbent and the waist band is soft and elastic not irritating to baby's tender soft skin, no pressure mark around waist and thigh.


Snug and airy design prevents leakage
while keeping baby's bottom airy and dry

-- For even the most active baby!


Fits snugly while releasing heat


The snug fit around baby's tummy and thighs
prevents leakage.

Merries Pants fit snugly and softly around baby's tummy and thighs without any gaps, thus preventing leakage. This unique design allows the nappy to stay in place no matter how active the baby is.

Fitting on the tummy

Fitting around the thighs

The soft material gently wraps around baby's delicate skin

Every element that is in contact with baby's skin is soft and gentle.

So comfortable

Prevents leakages! 
Absorbent enough to last through the night!

Color-changing wetness indicators

When the strips change color to dark blue, it is time to change the nappy.


Cute and colorful designs that you and your baby will enjoy together!

Cute Merries bunnies designs!
Look at those bunnies having fun drawing and playing with musical instruments!
What a great way for you and your baby to communicate and bond together.
There are six different designs with two designs in each pack.

Your baby's smile tells you that they're happy and comfortable. That's why Merries places so much importance on skin gentleness. If your baby's smile makes you smile, your baby will smile even more! 
Smile & Smile
—that's what Merries aims for!

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