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Once baby starts to crawl, time to wear nappy pants Medium!

1. So easy to change

2. Flexi-fit around tummy which allows baby to move freely!

3. A perfect fit without adjustment


does the gentle fit make leakage more likely to occur?

\Be rest assured!/

\Merries Nappy Pants/

Fitting, breathable and gentle on the skin

Fits snugly while releasing heat
no matter how active baby is!

Directly through the Light
Airy Wavy Mesh

The Light Airy Wavy Mesh inside the nappy is incredibly breathable, drawing moisture out through the recessed areas.

Directly through the airy
waist channels!

Heat around the waist is released directly through the gap between the waist gathers and baby's skin.

The entire outer sheet is

Micro airy channels releases heat - and nothing else!

Perfect tummy fit

2.5 times stretch* means a perfect fit that is not too tight on baby's tummy

Easy to put on

Nappy change has never been so easy! Effortless with 2.5 times more stretchiness*

More than just a stretchy waist!

★ With the new shape, our M size now fits babies from 6 kg up to 11 kg.

The snug fit around baby's tummy and thighs
prevents leakage.

Merries Pants fit snugly and softly around baby's tummy and thighs without any gaps, thus
preventing leakage. This unique design allows the nappy to stay in place no matter how active
the baby is.

Fitting on the tummy
Fitting around the thighs

The new curved shape fits the nappy perfectly to around baby's bottom!

 What mothers have to say:

The stretchy gathers make the nappy pants so easy to change. My baby is such an escape artist that being able to do a quick change is a real blessing!

Merries Nappy Pants' soft and stretchy waist gathers look so comfortable

I love the soft, and snug tummy fit!

\Surface/ \Absorbency/ \Poo leakage/

Frequent nappy concerns - Merries addresses it all!

Ultra soft and fluffy surface that is gentle to baby's delicate skin

 Inner surface 

The wavy surface reduces the skin contact area so that it
does not stick to baby's skin

 Outer surface 

Smooth touch

 Tummy gathers 

Soft tummy fit

 Leg gathers 

No marks!

Superb absorbency

The polymers in Merries nappies can
absorb up to
200 - 300 times

the weight of fluid relative to its weight.

You can have a peace of mind even on mornings
when your baby has peed a lot overnight

Side gathers to prevent leakage

 Wavy soft surface 

The recessed areas of the soft sheet effectively trap the soft poo and prevent it from dispersing, so that it does not stick to baby's skin.

\And there's more! /

So many smart features!

Cute Merries bunnies designs
Soft and gentle like an underwear!
Cute pastel colors and a stylish textile design that brings a smile every day.
The bunnies' designs changes with each nappy size.

There are six different designs with two designs in each pack.
Easy to tear sides
The easy to tear sides makes nappy changes a breeze
Color-changing wetness indicators
When the strips change color to dark blue, it is time to change the nappy.

Changing nappy pants 

Put your hands through the nappy's leg holes and pass your baby's legs through one at a time.
Pull the nappy up to above your baby's navel. It is easy to put on even if your baby flips while changing.
Use your fingers to adjust the inner gathers evenly around the thighs, so as to prevent leakage.
Your baby's smile tells you that they're happy and comfortable. That's why Merries places so much importance on skin gentleness. If your baby's smile makes you smile, your baby will smile even more! 
Smile & Smile
—that's what Merries aims for!
Barcode # 4901301355263
Shipping Weight 2.2900kg
Shipping Width 0.170m
Shipping Height 0.370m
Shipping Length 0.370m
Shipping Cubic 0.023273000m3