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Cleaning powder effectively removes plaque and leaves the mouth feeling fresh!
A toothpaste that leaves teeth feeling clean

  • Cleaning agents (settled calcium carbonate, zeolite) increase the efficiency of dental plaque removal. Active therapeutic component - sodium monofluoride (fluorine compound) strengthens the structure of teeth and prevents the occurrence of caries. It pleasantly cools gums.
  • The distinctive feature of the pastes is that they contain microgranules of two sizes - small and very small - not harmful for tooth enamel. The first ones polish the frontal surface of teeth, while due to their size, the microgranules of the second type penetrate into interdental spaces perfectly cleaning out plaque from there, thus making teeth not only clean but also smooth.
  • Method of application: Brush your teeth for 1-3 minutes, then carefully rinse your mouth with water.


  • Special microbeads will clean even the hardest to reach areas leaving your teeth sparkling clean.
  • Special cleaning agents increase the effectiveness of plague removal.

  • Helps to reduce bad breath germs and to prevent gingivitis.

  • Fluoride strengthens the structure of the teeth and prevents the development and progression of dental caries.

  • Refreshing and cooling the gums mint flavor.

Ingridients: sorbitol, propylene glycol (wetting agents), precipitated calcium carbonate (cleansing / polishing ingredient), sodium polyacrylate, silicic anhydride (viscosity regulators), zeolite (an auxiliary cleaning / polishing ingredient), sodium lauryl sulfate, POE solid castor oil (foaming component) perfume "mint" sodium saccharin (flavors), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (thickening agent), sodium monoflyuorid (active medical ingredient), sodium banzoat, paraben (preservative), titanium oxide (colorant), menthol (freshener).

Made in Japan

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

SKU LionDentorSCM140G
Brand Lion
Shipping Weight 0.1450kg
Shipping Width 0.039m
Shipping Height 0.160m
Shipping Length 0.042m
Shipping Cubic 0.000262080m3