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  • The brand-new Jieba antibacterial anti-hypertensive super concentrated laundry liquid made in Japan can penetrate into the deep layers of clothing fibers that cannot be touched by ordinary laundry liquid, achieving 99.999% antibacterial effect and preventing odor caused by bacteria
  •  Remove and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Even in a crowded room, the clothes are dried in an environment with a distance of only 1cm, which can prevent odor.
  • Mold prevention in washing tanks.
  • Don't worry about the environmental problems of clothes drying, even thick towels can be easily antibacterial and anti-pump!
  • Applicable materials: cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber.
  • Adopts antibacterial water cleaning technology to prevent raw dry odor even when densely dried with a width of 1 cm.
  • It suppresses the growth of odorants in clothing by 99%.
  • Also for sweat odor and sock odor.
  • You can also use softeners and bleaching agents for clothing (oxygen-based).
  • It can also be used for drum type washing machines.
  • One rinse is OK!
  • Refreshing Crystal Green scent.


Materials / Ingredients

Surfactant [23%, higher alcohol (nonionic), stabilizing agents, alkaline agents, pH adjusting agents, enzymes, fluorescent whitening agents

How to use
Wash according to the label on the clothing.
It cannot be used if it is labeled with neutral or neutral detergent.
-Comes with a fluorescent agent.
Light-colored cotton and linen may become whitish, so we recommend using detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents.
・ If you are worried about discoloration, put the undiluted solution in an inconspicuous place and leave for about 5 minutes. Do not wash anything that discolors or discolors.

(In case of general type washing machine)
Water volume 65L (washing amount 6.0kg) 1 cap (58g)
Water amount 55L (washing amount 4.5kg) 0.8 caps (upper scale / 49g)
Water amount 45L (washing amount 3) 0.0kg) 0.7 cups (middle of thick part, 40g)
30L of water (1.5kg of wash items) 0.4 cups of cap (lower scale, 25g)

(in case of drum type washing machine)
6.0kg of wash items ⇒ 1 cap (
58g ) Washing capacity 5.0kg ⇒ 0.8 caps (upper scale: 49g)
Washing capacity 4.0kg ⇒ 0.7 caps (middle of thick part: 40g)
Washing capacity 2.0kg ⇒ Cap 0.4 cups (lower scale: 25 kg)
1 g = approx. 1 ml The approximate amount of washing material is about 70 to 80% of the size of the washing machine.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

Made in Japan

SKU KaoAttackLDEX900G
Brand Kao Attack
Shipping Weight 1.0200kg
Shipping Width 0.073m
Shipping Height 0.230m
Shipping Length 0.162m
Shipping Cubic 0.002719980m3