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Good Night Night Kids Pad

Kids size (underwear size guideline: 90-140 cm)

For those worried about bedwetting measures for children.

*The illustrations may differ slightly from the actual product.

Comfortable for parents and children in the morning♪ Do not wet your pajamas or sheets!

All tape is safe for slipping all night.

Absorbing power for peace of mind all night

Absorbing power similar to paper diapers. One pad is safe all night.

New improvements! Three-dimensional flat gather

Outer folding three-dimensional flat gathers fit around your feet. It is also safe for leaks when rolling over.

45CM long strong center tape

The 45cm full length slippage prevention tape securely holds the underwear from the front side to the back side, making it difficult to slip when turning over.

Safe design that can be used by elementary school students and above

Designed to fit underwear sizes of 90 to 140 cm. Can be worn by boys or girls.

  • *There is no product before and after. Either can be used.

Good Night Night Kids Pad

24 sheets


*Underwear is assumed to be briefs/shorts type.

  1. 1. Peel off the release paper
    Peel off about half of the release paper in the folded state.
  2. 2. Insert the pad into the cloth pants
    Insert the release paper of the pad into the pants with the side facing away from the pants.
  3. 3. Adjust using the "positioning line" of the pad as a guide.
    Align the attachment position so that the "positioning line" fits the center of the crotch part of the cloth pants.
    *Adjust the line as a guide, depending on the child's body type.
  4. 4. Check the position of the pad
    Align them so that the two vertical blue lines look the same width on the left and right. Peel off the back side (remaining) release paper and fix it.
  • The guide is a guide for wearing the pad, and does not guarantee that it will not leak.
  • The underwear you use should be as close to your body as possible and that the rubber is firm and does not slip.
  • It absorbs about 3 times of pee (70cc each time), but be sure to replace it when it gets wet.


Individual packaging size
  • 216 x 254 x 147 mm

(Height x width x depth)

Material Surface material: Polyolefin non-woven fabric
Water absorbing material: Cotton-like pulp, polymer water absorbing material
Absorbing paper: Polyolefin non-woven fabric
Waterproof material: Polyolefin film
Fastening material: Styrene synthetic resin, etc.
Elastic material: Polyurethane
Binder: Styrene synthetic resin, etc.


  • Even if you put it on correctly, if there is a gap or a gap, we recommend that you use it together with cloth training pants, etc., where the rubber is firm and difficult to slip.
  • Keep the paper pad out of reach of children to prevent it from getting into the mouth. Also, be careful when handling the release paper (Hakushiri) so that you do not swallow it.
  • If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • The polymeric water absorbent material inside the paper pad becomes a jelly when absorbing water, but it is safe to touch the skin of children.
  • Do not place in places with high temperature, such as near a heating appliance.
  • As it is a paper pad, please do not wash it. If you accidentally wash the clothes, the contents of the paper pad may stick to other clothes. In that case, wash thoroughly with water.
  • Replace the dirty paper pad as soon as possible.
  • Do not apply the tape directly to your skin.
  • Take care of the storage location to prevent accidental ingestion or stuffiness in your throat, and dispose of immediately after use.

After use

  • Please dispose of the stool adhering to the paper pad in the toilet.
  • Roll it with the dirty part inside, and treat it so that it does not become unsanitary.
  • Do not throw the paper pad in the toilet.
  • Follow your local rules for disposing of paper pads after use.
  • Take home the paper pad you used when you went out.


  • After opening, store it hygienically to prevent dust and insects from entering it.
  • *this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese *above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression
Barcode # 4902011859898
Brand GOO.N
Shipping Weight 1.0800kg
Shipping Width 0.216m
Shipping Height 0.147m
Shipping Length 0.254m
Shipping Cubic 0.008065008m3